About Matthews Bus Alliance

Who is TEAM Matthews?

Matthews Bus Alliance, Inc., 2018 Thomas Built Buses Dealer of the Year, located at 4802 West Colonial Drive in Orlando.  With our 15 road service vehicles strategically placed throughout the state of Florida, next day parts shipping, parts delivery services, and on site free training, we are "local everywhere" to Florida Customers.

Mathews Bus Alliance, Plaintum Support Certified, is 100% focused as "Bus People Serving Other Great Bus People."  Once settling in the Orlando area over 10 years ago, Glenn and Lori Matthews studied the market, adapted, and developed a business model to best support the unique needs of Florida School District Fleet Customers.  Our rapid deployment of numerous service vehicles (shops) vs brick and mortar "as needed" to support FL Fleet customers make it so Team Matthews "does the traveling so our great customers do not have to!"  This business model saves districts money from having to shuttle buses back and forth to the dealership for warranty repairs.  It also reduces the number of spare buses needed as a result of extremely fast response times.  As our great customers have learned, "we don't just talk road service, we live it!"  We even do Cummins Warranty repair on the competitors’ brand of buses.

In addition to our great road service program, we offer a full time trainer to educate district technicians and be available for technical support via phone, email, and text.  We all know how difficult it is to find great technicians these days. Therefore, our team of road service technicians, on road parts support professionals, and our Thomas Built Buses Trainer of the Year, Ali Rampartab, actually become an extended member of customers in-house support teams.  Our trainer is certified to train your technicians from the "wheels up" for everything on the bus.

Ownership of our own AC Company (Rifled Air Conditioning) allows us to be different than any other bus or truck dealer. Our 3 compressor A/C system far exceeds and is not comparable to what the competition offers. When it comes to A/C warranty, we offer a "no finger pointing" approach because we own it!  In fact, Matthews Buses Florida warranties its' buses from 5 years "bumper to bumper," including 6-7 years on our AC! Drivers love the Thomas Built C2 for its' ergonomically designed drivers compartment, Saf-T-View windows, optional air disc brakes, largest one piece windshield, optional adjustable pedals, and the only chassis factory installed independent automotive style dash air conditioning system.   

Matthews has you covered with the Cleanest and most cost effective Diesel, CNG, Electric, and/or Propane engines available.  Our TEAM is available to demonstrate the benefits of Clean Diesel Technology as the cleanest most efficient power for consistent school district operations! With the new Detroit Diesel DD5, the benefits of clean diesel are even greater with longer maintenance intervals, less Re=Gens, and better fuel mileage.  The DD5 is only available from Thomas and is truly not comparable to any other power train option. Over the past 10 years Matthews Bus Alliance, under the leadership of Glenn and Lori Matthews, have developed a "Legacy of Trust" with Florida customers by doing the right thing now matter what.  

On March 31, 2017 Matthews Buses Florida, Rifled Air Conditioning, Bus Parts Experts, and Matthews Buses Commercial, all became part of the Matthews Bus Alliance which is wholly owned by Glenn Matthews. 

When you become a Matthews Bus Alliance Customer you do so trusting that we will strive for constant improvement in everything we do. If you presently are a Matthews Bus Alliance, Inc., Customer, "Thanks for Choosing Matthews!"

At TEAM Matthews, we understand and recognize the enormous responsibility of the amazing school transportation professionals who ensure the safety of our children each and every day.  We salute you for what must at times seems like a thankless job.  From all the Customer Driven Employees at TEAM Matthews Bus Alliance, Inc., THANK YOU! 

Glenn and Lori Matthews