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Thomas Built Buses is committed to building buses that give you peace of mind, day after day, mile after mile.

And as the captive financial services provider for Thomas Built Buses, Daimler Truck Financial genuinely understands the priorities of the pupil transportation industry. There is a lot riding on you, and our focus is helping Thomas Built customers get the financing required for the buses needed to provide safe, environmentally-friendly transportation.

We Understand Your Business

We know that having buses that provide the lowest cost of ownership while making the most of your operating budget is a primary concern for municipalities. Daimler Truck Financial finance programs are tailored to your municipality’s needs. We can help ease budgetary concerns and enable you to acquire the transportation equipment you need today while allowing you to pay for it over time.

Our bus financing experts work to provide the most competitive, most cost-effective municipal finance programs available. In addition to simple-interest retail loans, we can also offer tax-exempt1 municipal financing programs, which can increase your purchasing power and stretch your appropriated budget.

Daimler Truck Financial has extensive experience partnering with states, counties, cities, colleges, school districts and other municipal entities to help acquire the buses and other vehicles they need. We are dedicated to supporting your bid and purchase cycles, offering various purchasing scenarios and driving financing solutions that maximize your budget. And best of all, our municipal finance programs are not considered debt.

Tax-Exempt Municipal Financing

What is a Tax-Exempt Contract?

  • A contract that allows a public entity to purchase equipment and related services2 by making periodic payments over the useful life of the asset (i.e., an installment purchase contract)
  • Included as a line item in the borrower’s operating budget and treated as a lease (not debt) under applicable state law
  • Interest rates are lower than commercial rates due to the tax-exempt treatment
  • Installment payments are subject to annual budgetary appropriations by the municipality
  • Voter referendum is generally not required

What are the Benefits of Tax-Exempt Financing?

  • Borrower (municipality) holds the title
  • Low-cost, tax-exempt capital
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Maximizes use of budgeted funds
  • Protection against obsolescence
  • Matches expense with product useful life
  • Easy to add on schedules
  • Transaction treated as a lease (not debt) under applicable state law
  • Straight-forward and efficient

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