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The initial cost of the bus is only one cost to be considered when analyzing the Total Cost of Ownership of the product. Many factors go into what the bus/es will cost you per mile throughout their useful life cycle. Innovative customers analyze what the bus/es will cost over their useful life in the fleet. Fuel mileage, parts needed, parts pricing, up time vs down time, towing, repairs, amount of oil needed per recommended oil changes, maintenance as per recommended procedures, air conditioning maintenance, TRAINING, trade in or sale value, warranty, financing costs, customer service, etc… all factor into what your cost per mile for your fleet will be.

TEAM Matthews Account Representatives are trained in helping you analyze these costs to support you in your decision to buy what’s right for you. Beyond Total Cost of Ownership our Account Managers can demonstrate to you all the built in SAFETY and Environmental features plus the repeatable quality that come standard on each and every Thomas Built Bus. To learn more, please contact your local Matthews Account Manager.