Facts About School Bus A/C and Rifled Air Conditioning

The RAC System with 3 compressors works less and works best.

New: Highly Recommended TM43 Compressor for Conventional Buses Plus TM-16 Dash! 

Brevard, Collier, and Osceola Districts report Zero failures and great performance! 

FACTS ABOUT SCHOOL BUS A/C: The fact that many Florida School Districts operate their buses for 15 - 20 years, means bus purchase decisions impact the operational budget for a long time. Thus, it is important to get it right the first time or pay dearly over the life of the bus. Factors such as fuel mileage, maintenance, and warranty service turnaround times, definitely impact the overall cost of the bus. For very little money difference per year, you can get the buses, options, service, training, parts service, you desire including the best working most durable A/C System. The standard RAC System with 3 compressors simply works less and works best. Rifled Air Conditioning is now highly recommending the optional TM-43 Compressor and TM-16 Dash compressor configuration as most durable and reliable based upon 5 years of Florida School District service with ZERO compressor failures. The Compressor/s are the heart of any A/C system and determine the TRUE BTU ratings of the system. It is industry standard for school bus A/C companies to rate system capacities from the maximum Evaporator BTU ratings. If the compressor BTU capacities don't measure up to the evaporator capacities, the TRUE rating for the system is limited to what the compressor/s can do.

DON'T BE FOOLED! When we talk "INDEPENDANT DASH A/C," we mean that the DASH A/C is a self-contained A/C System from the other systems. Through electronic switching, a dash A/C can be operated in a tie-in system without the rear unit switches being turned on but it still is using one of the rear system condensers, evaporators, and compressor to operate thus reducing the overall efficiency for both the dash and rear unit. In our 3-compressor system or recommended TM43 system,  the Dash has its own TM -16 compressor, evaporator, and condenser, which provides an additional 55,000 BTU's over what the competition prefers to offer. Thus, system/s work less and performs better! This is why we offer a 6 Year Standard Warranty on these systems. Your drivers will thank you for providing them with a driver compartment A/C System that works best and is specifically designed to keep them cool in the Florida heat and humidity.  Don’t take our word for it. Ask the drivers about their RAC!

Maintenance of your AC: It is very important to check your Complete A/C System per recommended procedures during every 30-day FLDOE inspection/s and change or clean the filters as needed. DO NOT open a perfectly working system unless there is a problem detected that requires you to do so. It is helpful to think of the TM-21 compressor/s as a maintenance (throw away) items that ultimately will need to be replaced throughout the life of the bus. The compressor/s are inexpensive and easy to replace vs other very expensive upfront alternatives. If you purchase a RAC system from Matthews Bus Alliance, Inc., and experience a compressor failure in the first 6 or maybe 7 years depending upon which system is purchased, one of our qualified mobile service technicians will replace it for FREE, 100% parts and labor. After that you should expect, if properly maintained, another 5-6 years out of the replacement. This is by far the best performing and most cost-effective AC system for a conventional style school bus in the industry. If you are fan of what works, you will love RAC 3 compressor and TM43 systems.

TM43 Mount Video
TM43 Mount Video