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Here are some of the many testimonials we are so lucky to receive from our amazing customers. We encourage prospective customers to talk with ANY of the school districts who purchase their buses from us to see how we perform for them as an "essential" business partner. Thomas Built Buses utilizes The Daniel Group Company to perform independent satisfaction surveys. We are so proud to report that in 2018, 2019, and 2020, we received a 100% satisfaction Daniel Group Rating. In 2018 we received the Thomas Built Buses Dealer of the Year Award and were the only dealer to have a 100% Daniel Group Score. In 2019 we also scored a PERFECT SCORE including all bonus points for the Thomas Built Buses Presidents Club Awards making us the only Thomas Dealer ever to achieve this level.  2020 was our best sales year ever, thanks to our great customers. 

Glenn Matthews
05-11-2021 Good morning Donna. Yesterday Technician Oscar Martinez was at our facility and repaired lift bus #2020. During his visit, I informed him the lift on bus #2259 had stopped working. After he diagnosed the issue, he was able to repair the lift. Later when I checked with him, he said the bus is ready for service. I then asked him if he had time to check on another bus, as it was getting late in the day. His reply was," whatever you need me to do". His reply, indicated to me, true dedication and professionalism to our district. He proceeded to diagnose AND repair bus #19356. The bus needed a complete DEF header assembly and engine diagnostics. Thanks to his hard work and professional dedication, he was able to put 3 of our important buses back into service. WE greatly appreciate his hard work. We feel he is a valuable asset to Matthews Bus. Sincerely, Ricky Granitski, Assistant Supervisor Central Bus Shop Brevard School District
Hello all. I came in today and my Assistant Ricky Granitski, sent the above to me and I totally agree with him. I would add, Service Tech''s Marc and Dave have also shown their professionalism and dedication. We are really appreciative and grateful for the service we receive from Matthews Bus. Thank you Glen, Lori and Donna for all you do for Brevard School District. Best, Bobby Baker Central Bus Shop Foreman
Hey there! I just wanted to send a compliment to the company and Miss Joelle Devine. I called a few weeks ago and needed a part for my school bus! It was so easy and the process went very well. I also worked with Adrianna Pratts. They both worked to make my order smooth and easy. I got my part and now my bus is sealed up! I''ll definitely be back if I need any other parts! Thank you!
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Donna Payne - The Daniel Group - 4/9/2020 11:21:40 AM EST
Note: Jeff likes the communication they provided and their overall service and knowledge. He also likes their willingness to train his staff. They "go above and beyond" to do more than other dealers. Jeff commended Cliff Clair, his sales representative, who takes great care of them.

Score 10 out of 10
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Volusia County Schools - Daniel Group Survey 2019
Volusia County Schools - Daniel Group Survey 2019
Mike Frazee said that he would recommend Matthews Buses based on the customer service that he receives. He said that Tim is his sales representative and he is constantly in touch. He stated that Tim was involved with the manufacturing issues that were experience. He said that this dealer is knowledgeable of the bus and he also would recommend based on the bus, itself. Mike said that he feels that Thomas Built Bus is on the "uphill" for the overall experience as compared to the competition. Mike said that the dealer has someone who comes by on a regular basis
Polk County District
Polk County District
Good Afternoon Donna,
I would like to take a minute to thank you and your service team for all that you do to help my shop. As you may or may not know I have been working at Polk schools for the last 23 years and 18 of those years I have been a service manager. I have seen a lot of change not only with the Thomas bus brand but with the service that we have received from Thomas bus. When Glen and Lori Matthews came on the scene and met with Polk they told us what they could do for our district, I will admit I was skeptical. But WOW have they proven me wrong! In my opinion as a service manager, anyone can sell a bus...But Service is what sells a Dealership!
The team that Glen and Lori has put together at Matthews Bus Florida is second to none. I know that if I need anything, all I have to do is call, and you know what? ...someone answers that phone call! That may not sound like much, but when you call and get voice mails and unreturned phone calls, send emails and never get reply’s, it matters a lot.
I am proud of MY Matthews Bus team that helps me keep my buses on the road providing Safe and Reliable transportation for the students of Polk County.


Greg Pitts
Service Manager
PCSB Support Services
Martin County District
Martin County District
Good morning to all I would like to take a minute to let all of you know that the service that we have been getting here at Martin District Schools from Matthews Bus has been great and I work very well with all of the personal at Matthews bus in solving all my problems. And thanks again.

Jerry Briggs
Head Mechanic
Martin District Schools
Collier County Schools
Collier County Schools
Matthews has hands down the best customer service of our 3 major dealers/vendors when dealing with warranty issues. All warranty service emails are sent to Donna Matura and always answered back quickly when she expects a technician(s) to be out to resolve an issue. If I have a unique issue and not certain who to send an email to, Donna is my "go-to" as she can usually answer my questions/concerns. If not, she knows who can. Jason and/or Roberto are in most cases here same day or within a few days after notifying MBA with a warranty issue. MBA has helped us out in servicing Cummins engines on Blue Bird buses as the dealer was unable to make it out to us by a certain time. Reena, Yesenia and Dennis are our contacts for requesting warranty parts/claim #s. All 3 are great as they quickly reply and get the part out. Often parts are requested Next-Day Air and they’ve been able to get them to us ASAP so that we could get a bus back in service. With all 3 major bus manufactures all using the same Cummins/Allison drive train, I feel that the quality of the 3 buses are very close. The service we get from Matthew Bus for our warranty buses is top notch, therefore making Thomas my most highly recommended bus to purchase.


Dan Lammers
Parts and Tool Foreman
Collier County Public Schools
Desoto County Schools
Desoto County Schools
Good afternoon Donna,

I would like to commend you and your staff of Techs on the prompt and professional service your company provides for us. We are a small school district with limited resources and your assistance in our operation truly exhibits your company’s commitment in service after the sale. We have had other brands of buses in the past and have never had the amount of support your department delivers. The techs are fully dedicated in every job performed and are willing to go the extra mile without hesitation. We also have never had a "come back" from any work that they have performed. Being the small size we are, it is important that we can depend on Matthews Bus for all our needs and service without having to shop around.We look forward to many more years of worry free service as we will continue to keep the C2’s in our fleet.

Thank you,

Randy Faul
Chief Mechanic
Desoto District School
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Volusia County Schools
Volusia County Schools
Glenn and Lori,

Congratulations to you and Team Matthews for walking away with The Thomas Built Buses Dealer Of The Year Award during your recent trip to Denver! What an outstanding accolade for a most phenomenal operation. We here in the Volusia County School District could have predicted Matthews as the winner and for many reasons and are proud to be associated with such a class group of professionals. As you and I have shared before, there are many components involved in the making of a championship team with the kind and watchful care and treatment of one’s employees and customers being right at the top of the list. Matthews Buses is the latest example of the fulfillment of the principle: "you reap what you sow." The hard work, diligence and character of the dynamic leadership that begins with the two of you has set the pace and level of expectation for your award winning company and now you are on the receiving end of your investment of energy and excellence.
Wishing you continued success.


Mitch Moyer
Director of Transportation

Hi Donna I will like to take this opportunity to thank you for your expertise and well customer service in a timely manner and your mechanics being here as well , and very professionals they are.

Thank you!

David LeBron
Volusia County Schools Student Transportation
Deltona Parts Department
Monroe County Schools
Monroe County Schools
We have had a great experience in buying and servicing our buses thru Matthews Buses.

We cannot be more pleased with the service we received from technicians Dominic, Roberto, Jerry and coordinator Donna Matura, they are very knowledgeable and always able to take care of our fleet needs. Donna is always on top of every detail to make sure all her techs are ready when they go out in the field and technicians always go the extra step to make sure we are taken care and always ready to answer any questions we might have.

Overall we very satisfied with the service Matthews Buses Florida provide to us.

Frank Avendano
Monroe County School District
Transportation Dept./Garage
St. Lucie District Schools
St. Lucie District Schools

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Date: Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 10:34 AM
Subject: your tech Roberto
To: Donna Matura


Thank you and your company for sending down your tech Roberto on almost a weekly bases.

I think Roberto is one of your top two techs out of the many that you have at Matthews Buses.

Roberto trouble shoots and find the issues with out buses and keeps them running.

I have not found anything that he cannot repair yet.
Thanks again,
Mark C.
Palm Beach County
Palm Beach County
This is to let you know about your job you and your staff do for palm beach.
When one of my team members e mail or call, your response is greatly appreciated.
Getting our buses repair quickly. Also solving any recalls

Your tech Jerry, is always on top of all warranty issue and repair.
From our West shop to our South shop. Jerry is a great asset to your Company.

Thank you,
Jesus Medero
Maintenance Supervisor - Transportation
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Canterbury - Matthews Rapid Response
From: Yves Meillarec
Date: Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 12:27 PM
Subject: Bus 28
To: Donna Matura

Hi, Donna thank you very much for sending Dominic to take care of bus 28. Just like Jason he is very professional and thorough. As school starts for us next week I’m sure I will be calling again.

Thanks again
Yves Meillarec